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We are going to extend our sales team

To meet our steady growth, we are going to extend our sales team. Therefore we are delighted to welcoming Fabian Beuster in our sales team from the first of April 2018.

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A review of LogiMAT

Once again, Battery-Kutter had a stand at LogiMAT. We enjoyed many inspiring days with interesting conversations and great new contacts!

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European Battery Alliance (EBA) presents action plan

The EU Commission has presented further steps to boost production of ‘green batteries’. The EU-backed alliance wants to counteract the dominance of Asian suppliers by nurturing battery cell competence and manufacturing in Europe.

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‘Amazon Go’ - first check-out free supermarket has opened in Seattle

Amazon wants to reinvent the supermarket – there are no check-outs or queues. Shoppers simply take what they need, and the purchased products are tracked by cameras. Costumers in Seattle can already witness this shopping experience of the future.

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Electric vehicles surprisingly cost-efficient

With an average price of diesel at €1.20 per litre, prices have increased by more than 0.10 cent/litre since last summer. The latest tests conducted by German automobile club ADAC now reveal that conventional electric vehicles beat petrol fuelled cars in terms of running costs.

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Visit us at LogiMAT 2018!

The LogiMAT International Trade Fair for Distribution, Materials Handling and Information Flow sets new standards as the biggest annual intralogistics exhibition in Europe.
Once again, Battery-Kutter will have a stand at LogiMAT. You’ll find us in hall 10 at stand G37.

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Battery Kutter joins forces with TerraE

Battery-Kutter cooperates with TerraE, the Holding GmbH planning the production of lithium ion cells on a gigawatt scale in Germany.

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Energizer takes over Varta batteries

Domestic battery brand Varta will soon have a new owner. The US consumer goods firm Spectrum Brands have sold their global battery segment, which inludes Varta and Rayovac, for $2 billion to their competitor, Energizer.

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New sales representative at Battery Kutter!

On 2 January 2018, Nils Niehues took over as Battery-Kutter’s sales representative for central and west Germany. You can contact Mr Niehues on +49 0172 – 960 74 03. He will be delighted to assist you with any queries you might have.

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Battery-Kutter rated top supplier!

In their current supplier rating focusing on cooperation, quality, delivery reliability and technology, Siemens Switzerland AG - Building Technology Division - awarded Battery-Kutter with 96 out of 100 points!
We look forward to continuing our successful cooperation!

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Tesla shares responsibility for global rechargeable battery shortage

Urgently needed rechargeable battery cells for the growing electric mobility market are hard to come by on the global market. Production issues at US firm Tesla are said to be partly responsible for this shortage.

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Growing turn-over in the electronic security engineering market

In 2017, turn-over in the German security market again increased significantly year on year. According to estimates by the BHE Bundesverband Sicherheitstechnik e.V., the industry expects a turn-over of € 4,145 million for 2017. That’s an increase of 5.1%, and a new record.

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Tesla presents electric lorry and roadster

With the launch of the electric lorry, US electric car manufacturer Tesla proves their determination to enter the competitive truck market while also aiming for the Porsche clientele.

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Project Liscell improves lithium sulfur battery cells

In May, the Liscell joint project supported by various Fraunhofer Institute scientists who are working on the development of lithium sulfur battery cells came to an end. This technology could provide the answer for an energy storage solution for the mobility of the future.

The results were presented at the 6th Li-S-workshop from the 6th – 7th of November 2017, in Dresden, Germany.

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TerraE plans giga factory for cell production in Germany

Until recently, German car manufacturers were not yet at the forefront of battery production for electric vehicles. But with the prospect of battery cell production on gigawatt scale scheduled to start in Frankfurt by the end of 2019, the return of manufacturing to Germany seems more likely.

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World’s largest electricity charging station on A8 motorway

Automotive supplier Sortimo plans to develop an innovation park for electric mobility at the A8 motorway in Zusmarshausen. The world’s largest charging station is also scheduled for this site.

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We warmly welcome our new master electrician at Battery-Kutter!

We warmly welcome Marcin Kuziel, who is supporting our team as a master electrician since November 2018!

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Scientists develop flexible, wearable batteries based on saline medium

While lithium ion batteries are key to portable electric devices, they are also known to pose a fire risk. Now a team of scientists in China has created a new kind of battery based on normal saline medium which is also used in infusions. These batteries can be carried on the body without posing safety concerns.

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Mascot Introduces Professional Quality Li-ion Charger Model 3546LI

Intelligent microprocessor with smart charge logic maximises battery cells performance (up to 14 Li-Ion Battery Cells) and even charges deeply discharged batteries. Now available at Battery-Kutter!

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Jungheinrich receives biggest commission in the history of the firm

The Hamburg-based intra logistics company Jungheinrich has been awarded a major contract for the delivery of more than 1,000 lithium ion vehicles worth a double-digit million Euros. This makes it the largest order ever to be placed for lithium ion powered forklift trucks worldwide.

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German government considers licensing small electric road vehicles

According to an enquiry by the Green Party faction of the German parliament, the German government is considering the road licensing of small electric vehicles including hoverboards, electric scooters, e-skateboards and e-wheels.

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Deutsche Post is expanding its fleet of electric vehicles with the ‘e.GO Life’ city car

Since its Streetscooter electric delivery vehicle has been such a success, Deutsche Post now has plans for a compact electric vehicle for private use. And what’s more, it’s likely to create a splash. Because this small car can even outsprint some Porsches…

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A warm welcome to our two new employees at Battery-Kutter!

Since 1st of September Anika Boysen supports our marketing department and Karl Preuß joined the warehouse logistics. We wish both of them a successful time at Battery-Kutter!

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SUN Battery celebrates its 15-year anniversary

Our own brand SUN Battery has been a successful supplier to well-known manufacturers of security installations for 15 years.The SUN Battery brand stands for rechargeable industrial batteries that are top quality and made with the latest Technology.

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The market for electric scooters and compact city cars is growing

According to automotive supplier Bosch, the future of mobility will be defined by compact electric vehicles, as demand is expected to triple.

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German startup Floatility will launch rental trials for its solar-powered e-scooters in Singapore

German startup Floatility launches rental trials for its solar-powered e-scooters in Singapore.  Besides in Singapore, Floatility has also launched a trial in Hamburg, Germany, and will soon launch in Vienna, Austria. The batteries for the e-scooter are developed and produced by Battery-Kutter.

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We are going to extend our sales team

To meet our steady growth, we are going to extend our sales team. Therefore we are delighted to welcoming Benjamin Backof in our sales team from the first of August 2017.

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The EQ Ready app preparing drivers for the switch to e-cars

The new smartphone program by Mercedes Benz seeks to help car owners to determine whether switching to an electric car or hybrid model would make sense for them. The app displays real journeys made by the user, analyses their driving and compares the data captured with parameters from electric and hybrid vehicles made by the Daimler company. 

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Warehouse Logistics

We congratulate Florian Philippi on successfully completing his apprenticeship in warehouse logistics. We are delighted that Florian Philippi is supporting our team as a fulltime employee now.
From the first of August Bjane Quast is going to start his apprenticeship in warhouse logistics at Battery-Kutter. We wish Bjane the best of luck and success during his time at Battery-Kutter.

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Short-Form-Catalog: New update available

Panasonic`s latest Short-Form-Catalog (SFC) update is now available with a new front page design. The SFC contains the complete product range like Lithium, VRLA, Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries and gives you an idea of suitable applications for each battery type.
Take a look and order your free copies now!

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Flexible lithium-ion battery for smart cards, wearables and IOT devices

Panasonic is introducing a new kind of battery that keeps working even after being bent thousands of times - capable of being bent up to a radius of 25 millimetres or twisted to a maximum angle of 25 degrees before losing its capacity to work. At only 0.55 millimetres high, the battery’s particularly flat profile means they can be used in battery-powered smart cards and wearable products.

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Welcome at Battery-Kutter!

We warmly welcome Michael Dinse and Lukas Tomanek who joined our team on the 1st of June 2017.
Mr. Dinse is Head of Southern Sales, while Mr. Tomanek has taken on the role of Technical Project Manager.
We look forward to a fruitful cooperation!

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From London to Paris by electric plane

The end of kerosene. Californian company Wright Electric is planning to fly 150 passengers in a battery powered plane from London to Paris. Easyjet has already expressed interest. Although production of Wright One hasn’t even begun, plans are well under way to transport 150 passengers on routes of up to 300 miles or 483 kilometres.

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Photovoltaic already competitive

According to a current report by the European PV Technology and Innovation Platform, ETIP PV, photovoltaic electricity is already cheaper than wholesale electricity in many European countries.

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Day of the Sun, 3rd of May: Solar energy now covers 3 times the entire electricity consumption of Hamburg.

The sun represents light and life – and sustainable energy. It increasingly contributes to electricity generation, as E.ON pointed out at the Day of the Sun on 3rd May. Last year in Germany alone, photovoltaic plants converting sun rays into electric energy produced 38 billion kwh of electricity. “This could technically cover the energy needs of three cities the size of Hamburg,” explains Robert Hienz, Managing Director of E.ON Energy Germany.

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Lead and its influence on the battery market

The price of lead crucially affects the sales price and the material surcharge for battery suppliers.

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Mellow earns Red Dot Design Award!

Mellow earns Red Dot Design Award! Congratulations! Mellow has received a fantastic Red Dot Product Design Award 2017 for their battery powered skateboards in the sports equipment category (with batteries provided by Battery-Kutter).

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New company name!

Dear business partner,
We would like to inform you that our company name is changing from „Kutter Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG“ to Battery-Kutter GmbH & Co. KG with immediate effect.

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