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Welcome to Battery-Kutter

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Battery-Kutter was established in 1989 as a family firm in Hamburg. With our 25 years plus experience in the battery sector, we are a reliable partner for industry. The Battery-Kutter brand stands for assembling and distributing batteries and rechargeable batteries of all types, sizes and outputs. The qualities that set us apart from the crowd are our professional customer service, reliable delivery and repair services and our ability to fulfil our clients' custom requirements.

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Test our technical know-how!

The expertise of our employees goes far beyond developing battery or rechargeable battery packs: our extensive experience in charging technology, motors, control systems and UPS systems allows us to apply our know-how at any stage of your project. We are able to optimise a complete system, either electro-mechanically or in terms of design, and we can also prepare it for mass production.
In addition, we have developed a project management system that gives you precise information on development and production times, as well making pricing transparent. More…

  • We are going to extend our sales team


    We are going to extend our sales team

    To meet our steady growth, we are going to extend our sales team. Therefore we are delighted to welcoming Benjamin Backof in our sales team from the first of August 2017. Mehr...

  • Warhouse Logistics


    Warhouse Logistics

    We congratulate Florian Philippi on successfully completing his apprenticeship in warehouse logistics. We are delighted that Florian Philippi is supporting our team as a fulltime employee now.
    From the first of August Bjane Quast is going to start his apprenticeship in warhouse logistics at Battery-Kutter. We wish Bjane the best of luck and success during his time at Battery-Kutter.

  • Short-Form-Catalog: New update available


    Short-Form-Catalog: New update available

    Panasonic`s latest Short-Form-Catalog (SFC) update is now available with a new front page design. The SFC contains the complete product range like Lithium, VRLA, Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries and gives you an idea of suitable applications for each battery type.
    Take a look and order your free copies now! Mehr...

  • Welcome at Battery-Kutter!


    Welcome at Battery-Kutter!

    We warmly welcome Michael Dinse and Lukas Tomanek who joined our team on the 1st of June 2017.
    Mr. Dinse is Head of Southern Sales, while Mr. Tomanek has taken on the role of Technical Project Manager.
    We look forward to a fruitful cooperation! Mehr...

  • From London to Paris by electric plane


    From London to Paris by electric plane

    The end of kerosene. Californian company Wright Electric is planning to fly 150 passengers in a battery powered plane from London to Paris. Easyjet has already expressed interest. Although production of Wright One hasn’t even begun, plans are well under way to transport 150 passengers on routes of up to 300 miles or 483 kilometres. Mehr...

  • Photovoltaic already competitive


    Photovoltaic already competitive

    According to a current report by the European PV Technology and Innovation Platform, ETIP PV, photovoltaic electricity is already cheaper than wholesale electricity in many European countries. Mehr...