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Our mission statement


Our mission statement

We want to engage and inspire our employees, partners and customers on our journey. This is why we have developed and formulated our corporate mission statement in an extensive process, so that we can outline our goals and define the measures we endeavour to take to get there.

Our mission

With our customised innovative solutions, we want to take our customers into a future of mobile energy.

Our vision

As a family business, we offer a modern, attractive workplace. Together with our satisfied and committed colleagues, we are setting new standards in customer service and product development.

Our values

Throughout our company history, we have developed strong values shaped by us as the Kutter family as well as by our employees. The Battery-Kutter team has come together to map out the following 6 values that we want to bring to life and adhere to everyday.

  • We are one family

    Friendly, caring, appreciative. This is how we act towards each other and how we deal with our customers.

  • We always strive for professionalism

    Clear structures, processes and responsibilities guide us and ensure good cooperation. This also leads to the best possible outcomes for our customers.

  • We take responsibility

    We think ahead, question things, and take responsibility for joint values and goals. We trust in the abilities of our colleagues.

  • We’re inspired by progress

    As a company, we want to be courageous, innovative and forward-thinking. To this end, we are enthusiastic about new ideas, tasks, products and technologies.

  • We are enablers

    We listen to our customers and colleagues. We act needs-orientated and flexible, and we deliver the best possible solutions for all.

  • We’re extraordinary as a team #teamkutter

    The pleasure of working as a team and the enthusiasm in our tasks is key to our success. We stand up for each other, help and support each other - across all departments.