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Battery Management Systems (BMS)

Battery Kutter Batteriemanagementsysteme BMS

One can view our Battery Management System as a direct evolution of classical protection circuits. In addition to the standard features of a classical protection circuit, a BMS supplies other relevant data - such as e.g. current charging status, current temperature, number of charging cycles – and a large quantity of additional information for further processing. This can be read via an SM, I²C or HDQ bus.

The BMS controls all necessary functions to ensure a lithium battery works safely. We will also individually configure the BMS to suit your specific application, whereby your discharge/charge characteristics play an important role. We also adapt it precisely to the manufacturer-specific features of the battery.

BMS Functions and features:

  • Voltage control for each individual cell
  • Temperature control for the battery within a 5 point range (Operational range -40 °C to +85 °C)
  • Load control – total discharge prevention
  • Charger control – overload prevention
  • Battery temperature control
  • Passive balancing of the cells
  • Charge counter SOC, SOH specification
  • Calculation and output of parameters: SOH, SOC, I, U, T via CAN, RS232, Analogue
  • Communications ports
  • PC programmable
  • ESD protected
  • Cascadable for up to 2000V stack voltage
  • Galvanic separation of cells/ports

Lithium-ion batteries, which are used in e.g. for energy storage in electric cars or electric motorbikes, have a significant impact on an electric car’s usability, running costs and performance. Batteries can work in an unbalanced way because of individual differences - differing electro-chemical properties - between the cells.

Combining individual battery cells drastically reduces battery life and can even be a security risk for electric cars. The Balancing Management System for lithium-ion cells intelligently integrates monitoring and control systems, so that the battery's performance is optimised by being monitored, controlled and influenced from within its individual cells. The aim of our product is to make sure that all the battery’s cells are able to work evenly, and therefore to improve performance and increase battery life.

We would be very glad to answer your questions about the BMS Battery Management System in person.
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