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Areas of application

Our custom built battery packs are used in a wide range of areas, for example in:

  • E-mobility


    Our lithium ion batteries ensure the best possible performance and range for electric vehicles.

  • Medical technology


    High-tech solutions for the most sophisticated requirements and reliable medical care.

  • Warehouse logistics


    We develop battery systems for seamless storage and transport operations.

  • Robotics


    High-performing products for intelligent automated processes.

  • Tracking, Scanning, RFID


    Process security in industry. Our lithium-ion batteries raise the benchmark for RFID products.

  • Flexible workplace

    Mobile Arbeitsplätze

    Flexible working thanks to mobile workplaces, supported by our lithium-ion technology.

  • Power Tools

    Power Tools

    High-performance battery solutions for mobile use in professional tools.

  • Energy storage


    Our batteries with lithium ion technology offer consistently high storage volumes.





In an increasingly mobile world, our high-quality battery pack solutions for electric vehicles need to meet ever more complex needs, like greater range and shorter charging times.

Electric motors are not only kinder to the environment, they also require less maintenance than conventional combustion engines.

Battery-Kutter battery pack solutions for electric vehicles offer maximum performance and low weight.


Medical technology

From paperless patient administration and operating theatre lighting, to mobile defibrillators – batteries are used in many areas of medical technology, and we offer the client-specific solutions to match.

Battery-Kutter has years of experience in the development of battery packs for medical technology. Following the development of a prototype and a battery management system (BMS), we take care of tests and certifications before starting the series production of your battery packs.


Warehouse logistics

In warehouse logistics, processes are increasingly automated. We develop and produce system solutions and energy supply for driverless transport systems (DTS).

Battery-Kutter is at your side, throughout every project stage: from design, development, BMS programming, test & certifications through to production. We offer many years of experience in this field.



We develop client-specific and top-performing battery systems for robotics/robotic process automisation (RPA). With intelligent automisation, anything from individual process steps to complex material flows can be automated flexibly, cost-efficiently and in a scalable manner.

Robotics technology integrates engineering, electric technology, information technology and, in particular, Artificial Intelligence (AI). It provides sophisticated security systems and multiple interface software which imitate manual processes.


Tracking, Scannen, RFID

Tracking, Scanning, RFID

In the field of intralogistics, our batteries are used for RFID tracking and tracing. RFID (radio frequency identification) uses radio waves for the wireless transfer of the identity of an object or a person, e.g. to identify vehicles, for quality control during production, or for Asset Management.

When innovation and service is at stake, Battery-Kutter is the right partner for you.


Mobile Arbeitsplätze

Flexible workplace

Mobile workplaces allow fast and reliable data collection at different locations for a consistently up-to-date inventory control system – using an optimised process, independent from the power grid.

We offer tailor-made lithium-ion battery packs for mobile workplaces covering all aspects of logistics, ranging from incoming and outgoing goods, to commissioning and stocktaking.




Trade and industry professionals expect tools with outstanding performance, quality, security and mobility. Whether it’s a sander, a saw, a cordless hammer drill or cordless screwdriver, our powerful battery solutions give professional users the mobility and freedom they need.

Discover our high-quality battery packs including charging device for your professional tool.



Energy Storage

Installations for regenerative energy production require highly efficient energy storage solutions, in order to store self-generated energy for use at a later stage.

With their high storage volumes and low energy losses, lithium-ion technology offers clear advantages.