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Project phases

Battery-Kutter - Projektphasen


Our offer

We create dedicated solutions and give advice at every stage of the project. The quality and the close cooperation with our clients is very important to us. That is why we stay in close contact with you throughout the project process and inform you about all relevant stages.

1 Requirement analysis

We analyse your technical requirements and find the solution that best meets your demands: We determine the parameters required for your battery pack: electrical (e.g.: voltage, capacity, resistance, operating and charging currents), mechanical (e.g.: size, weight, mechanical stresses) and electronic (e.g. related to the electronic monitoring system).

We place great emphasis on the in-depth communication with our clients in order to achieve the perfect product integration. From an early stage, our customers receive insights about the following crucial factors:

  • Can the idea be implemented, or are further changes required?
  • Initial cost estimate for the final product
  • Initial timeline with defined milestones

2 Design & Housing

Our experienced engineers assist you with the latest CAD software, to ensure your demands are fully implemented.

Research & Developement / Prototyping

The R&D Department designs systems and their components and software in accordance with UN 38,3, IEC 62133, UL 2054, UL 2595, UL 2271, UL 1998, UL 991, ISO 26262, EN 50604 and EN 15194 standards. We always take into account the application and specific requirements for the specific market to ensure the products’ functional safety.

Prototyping: At this stage, the first design is built using 3D printing before undergoing further examinations and necessary tests. The structural build of the packs is checked during the development phase. For example, we conduct pretests (shake and collision tests) for UN 38.3 certification. During this phase, we can still adapt or amend details, in order to achieve the desired product features. The aim is to create a pack that’s as close to production as possible in order to test and validate its characteristics and functionality.

4 BMS Programming

Advanced products using the Li-Ion technology are always equipped with a multistage electronic operation monitoring system (BMS) to ensure complete safety of the system.

BMS measures all parameters of the cells and, where necessary, disconnects the circuit and conducts cell charge balancing, which significantly increases the efficiency and extends the life of the power source.

In order to provide the additional functions, the power supply system communicates with the devices using typical communication protocols (CAN, SPI, SMBus, I2C).

Complex micro controller programmes give us Bootloader Updates via Bluetooth, WiFi, G5 or other interfaces, on demand.


5 Tests & Certifications

We conduct tests, frequently using the final application, to verify the durability of the pack (tests in accordance with client’s load profile, cycle and climatic tests). The tests also include a thorough analysis of technical requirements for the device and a detailed assessment of the materials, methods and technologies used in the pack. We conduct a number of tests at our own laboratory, while UN certification is also carried out inhouse.

Thanks to our external independent partners, we also assist our clients with safety and transport certification – an important factor, in particular for international markets. These includs EMC tests for CE certification as well as IEC and UL certifications and transport test.


6 Series Production

After successful tests, we initiate batch production. We use the Lean Manufacturing method to ensure efficient use of human and material resources and optimise manufacturing costs.

We pay special attention to the following factors:

  • high quality and stability of cell parameters
  • correct sizing of cells before assembly (in terms of voltage, capacity and resistance)
  • high-quality cell connections to ensure long life of the pack (from 300 to several thousand charge/discharge cycles)
  • using professionally manufactured components of our own design

7 Recycling concepts

At Battery-Kutter, we are conscious of our responsibility when it comes to substances that might be harmful to the environment, and that's why safe disposal of batteries is an important aspect of our work. In order to spread awareness and simplify the disposal process, we provide a cost-free battery disposal service for our customers.