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Company history

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The Battery-Kutter Story


In 1989 Joachim Kutter founded the Battery-Kutter company (in those days still known under its old name, TKL). At the start, the firm’s offices were set up in a family house in Hamburg Poppenbüttel, whilst the batteries were stored in the garage. The business grew and soon enough, it was bursting at the seams. Having decided to stay in the Poppenbüttel area, the firm moved to a nearby office building in the same neighbourhood.


In 1993 our sister company Wamtechnik was founded in Poland. Not long after being established, Panasonic gave the firm an exclusive contract covering the whole of Poland. In the twenty years since the Wamtechnik was founded in Warsaw, we are proud to have also become the market leader in battery pack production in Poland. As EN ISO 9001 certified company, Wamtechnik has received various awards and is one of the most modern and technically-proficient businesses in Europe. Since it started trading in 1993, it has now grown to over 160 employees. Our head office in Hamburg advises and serves customers, looks after new business, and handles imports and project management. Its sales focus is on Germany and its neighbouring countries.


Joachim's son Hendrik has been working for his father’s company ever since completing his training in wholesale and export sales. During the same period, Hendrik took an evening course in business administration. When Hendrik successfully completed his studies in 1999, he became Battery-Kutter’s managing director.


In 2002 Battery-Kutter moved to its current offices in the Poppenbütteler Bogen. At the time, our ISO certified company had 34 full-time employees.


In 2005, the youngest son, Kai Kutter, joined the family company after completing a sales apprenticeship and a business studies degree. Kai also became a managing director of the company in 2009.


After training in advertising sales and doing a marketing degree in London, the daughter of the family, Julia von Kap-herr (née Kutter), joined her brothers at the firm in 2006.


Joachim Kutter retired in 2008 and has been enjoying life on the golf course. He’s very pleased that his 3 children have continued making the company a success, and hopes that Battery-Kutter will remain a family-run business for generations to come.


In January 2013, Battery-Kutter became a DIN EN ISO 9001 certified company. The certificate applies to quality control in the following areas: development, assembly, sales and servicing of batteries, rechargeable batteries, charging technology, protection circuits and battery monitoring.