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“Fully charged” into a healthy future

“Fully charged” into a healthy future

When it comes to long life, we’re not just thinking about our batteries, at Battery-Kutter we also aim to strengthen our employees’ health. That’s why we chose a special day to focus on health at Battery-Kutter.

Our aim was to draw #teamkutter’s attention to wellbeing and to promote health conscious behaviour in the workplace.

Initially, the team was offered a heart and stress examination. With electrodes fitted to wrists and ankle joints, a three-dimensional image of the heart was created, revealing its activity quickly and effectively. Aside from showing current stress levels, the test also gave information about fitness levels.

Using a body composition analysis, the attendants received valuable facts about their current body constitution. The BMI was mapped and the distribution of body fat, body water and muscle mass determined. This enabled correct recommendations to be made for training and nutrition.

The Health Day was a great success. It was well received by the entire team and is certain to be repeated next year.

With this in mind – take care of yourselves and stay healthy!


Image: gesundheitsbü and Battery-Kutter