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More security for your building, inventory and staff

More security for your building, inventory and staff

Lithium-ion batteries are used in a variety of devices today, such as the e-bikes of your employees, the power tools that you may also use on a daily basis, or other battery packs in your mobile devices.
However, in addition to all their energy, they also bring great dangers with them. Anyone who has ever witnessed a battery fire is usually impressed by its force. Violent explosions, temperatures of sometimes over 1000 °C and toxic gas emissions are not uncommon. Defective and deeply discharged batteries in particular pose a high risk - but this is often only recognised when it is already too late for preventive safety measures.

To prevent damage to your building and inventory and to protect your staff, we offer high-quality safety cabinets for storing and charging your lithium-ion batteries.

The BATTERY line safety cabinets were specially developed for storing and charging lithium-ion batteries. In contrast to common type 90 cabinets, the BATTERY line offers double fire protection: In addition to their "type 90" classification, the cabinets were subjected to an explosion test by the independent Fraunhofer Institute, in which the accumulators inside burned down completely. The result confirms that in case of fire, the Battery line offers full protection not only from the outside to the inside but also from the inside to the outside.

The advantages at a glance:

• Cabinet prevents the damage from spreading to the outside

• Various sizes, colour variants and models available – as loading and storage cabinet

• Thermally insulated storage areas prevent the so-called "thermal runaway".

• Full utilisation of the storage capacity possible without restriction

• No risky transport outside the building necessary in case of fire

• Separate RCD switch for each socket strip for safe disconnection from the mains in the event of a fault

• Integration into your fire alarm system for VdS-approved signal forwarding possible (via potential-free contact)

• Prepared for connection to your exhaust air line to combat escaping gases

• And much more

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