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Germany’s first lithium refinery to be built in Saxony-Anhalt

Germany’s first lithium refinery to be built in Saxony-Anhalt

Short journeys for the European battery industry

The prospect of reducing dependence on imports from the Far East and greater independence overall has made the production of batteries for electric cars in Europe very attractive for car and battery manufacturers.

Lithium hydroxide used for manufacturing cathode materials that are built into lithium ion batteries is still mainly imported. But this key raw material could soon be available to the European battery industry via shorter delivery channels. The new AMG Lithium production site at the Chemiepark in Bitterfeld-Wolfen is due to start operation in 2023. A plant with an annual capacity of 20.000 tons is planned with a view to increase this to 100.000 annually in subsequent years, according to AMG Lithium GmbH Managing Director, Stefan Scherer.

Medium term, Patrice Heine, Managing Director of the Chemiepark Bitterfeld-Wolfen GmbH (CPG), wants to attract the entire value chain of battery materials to this site in order to expand their position in the energy materials sector.

Saxony-Anhalt’s investment and marketing association welcomes plans

Thomas Einsfelder, Managing Director of Saxony-Anhalt’s investment and marketing association, also welcomes the plans and real estate acquisition by AMG Lithium GmbH. He regards it as a step closer to promoting potential and innovations in the value chain for lithium-Ion batteries in Saxony-Anhalt, while bringing an important part of this value chain for electric cars to the region.

At the same time, AMG Lithium GmbH is keen to become the preferred supplier of lithium hydroxide in the European battery market. It’s part of the AMG Clean Energy Materials Division which produces materials for infrastructure and energy storage solutions and manages AMG’s recycling and mining activities for lithium, vanadium and tantalum. The AMG group employs 3,000 people worldwide with an annual turnover of 1 billion US Dollars.

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Source:, IWR, 22.04.2021
Image: AMG