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Transport Accidents

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This information is only relevant for transport accidents with lithium batteries.

If you have a transport accident with lithium batteries, please call our hotline as soon as possible. Please note that our hotline does not give advice how to behave in an emergency situation, but only supports with questions about the content of the parcel. Our staff are there for you from 08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday. Outside of these times, you can find all the information about what to do in an accident in the following links:

1. Accident information for class 9 dangerous goods ( AccidentInformation.pdf)

Here you will find guidelines on immediate actions to take. For further instructions, please get in touch with the fire department.

Linguistic versions (ADR, Instructions in writing)

2. MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheet)

If these are not transported with the goods for reasons outlined in the special provision ADR188, or if they become inaccessible during an accident, you can find them in the Data Sheets section or on each manufacturer's website.

„Required information for a transport accident“

Download information sheet

Useful downloads:

In the case of an accident, these downloads contain instructions on how to deal with damaged goods, regardless of the manufacturer.